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Kate & Jack | Jockeys Ridge, NC Couples Session

Kate & Jack

Me and my second shooter David drove all the way up to the east corner of North Carolina for Meri & Brett’s wedding so we had to use it as an opportunity to go to Jockey's Ridge beforehand. It had been on my bucket list for a while to see some sand dunes. Jockeys Ridge was only about The sand dunes were the most beautiful view I’ve seen on the East Coast. We we’re at a grocery store when we saw Kate and Jack shopping and both noticed how good their outfits looked together. I am not kidding you when I say they did not plan these outfits, they actually didn’t even live together yet and just happen to both wear black skinny jeans, white graphic tees, the same shoes in different colors, and matching sunglasses on. They looked so freaking COOL on top of the sand dunes. They were super cute together and the had a lot of fun playing around in the dunes. Next on my bucket list is a session in the Great Sand Dunes in CA!

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