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Jessie & Trevor | Max Patch, NC Couples Session

This was one of my favorite sessions I’ve ever done, arguably, the best view I’ve seen in my life. You have to add Max Patch, in Asheville, North Carolina to your bucket list. I don’t think there’s a spot with more epic 360* mountain views in the entire United States. Even though it was a struggle to get there with 20miles of straight incline up an unpaved mountain road and no cell service for miles out, we finally met up with each other and Jessie and Trevor brought the best energy to this session, they color coordinated their outfits, and they were so down for all of my weird ideas. I told them to prance through the huge open fields and they had the best time. He picked her up and threw her around in every which way possible and we found out they’re both natural acrobats. I’m definitely going to make the drive out here again soon, and will definitely be camping next time!

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