Hello I'm Sav

I believe in soulmates, fate, the universe aligning. Somehow you were brought here - maybe we are meant to connect.

I am a nontraditional wedding photographer and filmmaker. I'm a photographer for the stupid in love. Those who are unique and genuine, those who aren't scared to step out of their comfort zone.

I'm so drawn to the look of film photography. I want my style to emulate the light and airy look of film. I love warm, muted, earthy tones. I love how the grain in a photo or the framing of Super 8 can make you feel nostalgic. I want my work to feel intentional and timeless. 

I'm a 4w3 and an ENFJ which basically means that I'm introspective, and always seeking growth. I welcome every opportunity to travel more of the beautiful Earth. I feel most at peace when I’m lying on the beach with a glass of wine and a good book in hand. What I love most in life are the simple things. Attempting new forms of art, live music. deep conversation, and exploring new places with my favorite people.

Photography and film constantly keep me learning and growing. These art forms allow me to see things from a different perspective, and have taught me so many things. To be more present in the moment. To pay more attention to little details. To find beauty in unexpected places. Documenting the intimate moments and the wild energy between two people who are stupid in love is what I was called to do. 

Sources of my Inspiration:

Natural Light / Editorial Design / Minimalism / Muted Tones / Super 8 FIlm / Abstract Art / Fresh perspectives / Dancing / Nature / Moods / Quirks / Messy Hair / Bare feet /