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Savannah Martin

Digital Marketing Campaigns & Professional Content Creation

I may not have years of agency experience, but I will help you stay culturally relevant in today's ad cluttered, attention deficit world. I will keep you on-brand while making sure your messaging comes across as genuine and relatable. I will keep you accountable to equality and diversity. And I will urge you to take risks, and utilize emerging, scroll stopping tactics to help you connect deeper with your audience. 

Here you can find a selection of some of my favorite commercial projects in the fields of commercial photography/videography, advertising/marketing, and graphic design. 


Digital Marketing Campaigns

Chick-fil-A | New Openings 

My Team and I had an incredible opportunity to work with Chick-fil-A's corporate PR department and craft a game plan for new restaurant openings. I came up with the central activation of our campaign - a Covid conscious spin on the iconic "First 100." The "Best 100" celebrates and honors local community heros by giving out free meals for a year to those who are most deserving rather than first in line. Winners are nominated through social media video submissions with the aim of engaging the local community and creating excitement around new openings. My contributins include MRI simmons research, survey data visualization, social media mockups, and "Best 100" logistics. 

Altoids | Media Plan

My team and I spent a semester creating a through media plan for Altoids, a brand trying to stay relevant. Part media plan / part digital markeing campaign, we did a thorough research analysis before diving into creative solutions. My contributions include competitive analysis, BDI/CDI market analysis, past ad spend, media mix, and share of voice calculations, as well as collaborative efforts toward other sections.  

Crocs | Come As You Are 

My team and I spent a semester creating a campaign plan for Crocs's aimed at attracting a younger demographic. Our activations centered around influencer advertising. My contributions include competitive analysis and background research, coming up with our influencer activation, and creating mock social media graphics for all deliverables. I also created an individual campaign centered around a specific product line. 

Commercial Films

I've recently expanded my brand to include commercial video productions. I worked with Relevant Poetry to create a music video for a beautiful piece of work. We filmed a couple at Musgrove Estates. I also created a short form Instagram video ad for CBD company High Cotton Brew, using myself as a model. 

Relevant Poetry 

Relevant Poetry
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High Cotton Brew