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How to Shop with Kindness

February 24th, 2022


By Savannah Martin


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I'm always fighting the internal battle of buying new clothes vs saving money. In turn I'm faced with the moral dilemma of shopping cheap brands or choosing sustainable, fair trade, pricier options. I typically qualm this internal voice by making browsing ThredUP or making a trip to my local Platos Closet where I can find styles I love at prices I love even more. 

Despite all the environmental benefits, secondhand clothing doesn't make great gifts. You can't buy hair&skin products used. And sometimes, your closet is begging for something brand new. 

Here are my favorite brands that truly care about the people and missions they stand for. 

Two Blind Brothers

Would you shop blind? Purchase something you can’t see first? Two Blind Brothers is an apparel brand that donates 100% of profits to the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Their Shop Blind Challenge is all about blind trust. 100% of profits are donated to foundations fighting blindness and stuffed animal purchases include an extra donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind. 


Every item has its color written in braille. The material is so soft and super high quality.

The Right to Shower

30% of profits are donated to people experiencing homelessness. Their mission is to dignity and they do so by deploying mobile showers, and 


Their shampoos, body wash, and bar soap are affordable, sustainable, and made of clean ingredients.

State Bags

Originally their mission was to fill backpacks for kids in Africa. As the brand grew the mission transformed into a larger movement. They created the #whatdowetellthekids project and partnered with charities.

Honarable Mentions

There are a plethora of brands out there who are committed to a greater good. Here are a few more to check out:

Each candle purchase buys a solar powered light for families in Africa

Each bag purchase donates a certain number of meals to kids in need

Each purchase removes 1 pound of trash from the oceans

Each sock purchase donates a pair to someone experiencing homelessness

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